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Texas Wildfire Relief Fund

Firefighters of Texas Need Your Help!

77% of the State of Texas' Fire Service is composed of volunteer fire departments who respond to emergencies each and every day. They do this for no pay and rely on donations, fundraisers and limited funding from the government to assist the department.

SFFMA launched the Texas Wildfire Relief Fund in the year 2011 in response to the devastating wild fires that were devastating much of Texas.   SFFMA noticed firefighters in Texas who were fighting fires with little to no protective clothing on. (As seen in a few pictures below) This put the firefighters in extreme danger while battling the fires.

The Texas Wildfire Relief Fund is to assist fire departments with getting much needed wildland gear they many not normally be able to afford.  This fund is used to purchase wildland protective clothing for firefighters to wear while fighting wildland fires.  Volunteer fire departments across the state can apply for assistance to the grant program to purchase the gear.  Each set of gear costs about $250 per firefighter and can last many years as long as it is taken care of.

Help a firefighter today to stay protected from fire. Donate today!