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E-InfoFire Newsletter

The E-InfoFire newsletter is an electronic newsletter that highlights any newsworthy events and articles that come out on a monthly basis.  The e-newsletter is not published during the months in which the Texas Firefighter or Infofire magazines are published.

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InfoFire Newsletter

Archived editions:

2018 InfoFire
2017 InfoFire
2016 InfoFire
2015 InfoFire
2014 InfoFire
2013 InfoFire
2012 InfoFire
2011 InfoFire

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Texas Firefighter

The Texas Firefighter is the fall publication of the SFFMA. Features usually include the yearly committee appointments, conference highlights and articles.

Texas Firefighter 2018
Texas Firefighter 2017
Texas Firefighter 2016
Texas Firefighter 2015
Texas Firemen 2014
Texas Firemen 2013
Texas Firemen 2012
Texas Firemen 2011
Texas Firemen 2010

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Proceedings Book (Red Book)

SFFMA is trying to preserve the history and its business through a conference proceedings book. This book is printed once a year and includes Executive Board members, committee members, board members, conference locations, transcripts of the memorial service, business meetings, committee reports, district reports, contests winners, contest rules, and a full, updated version of the constitution and by-laws.

All books are archived at the Austin office. These books are given to member departments/districts and officers during the planning conference in January and during the annual conference in June. You may request a copy of the current book by emailing

2018 Proceedings Book