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2020 SFFMA Dues Notice

At the 2018 conference held in Arlington, the membership present passed a by-law measure that will result in an increased cost of membership so that the Association’s financial future is sound and secure.  The increase in dues will go toward several initiatives including:

  • Cover current operating costs of $42 per member (we receive $30/member from dues)
  • Keep up with increased maintenance and operating costs
  • Offering better/quicker customer service
  • Increase our Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Line-of-Duty Death Policies
  • Develop at least a 60-day operational reserve account
  • Develop a solid legislative representative voice for SFFMA members
  • Simplify our dues structure


What is the impact on departments or members?


Membership Type Yearly Dues through 2018
Current (2021) Yearly Dues
Industrial Various levels $500
Fire Department Various levels based on population $200
Fire Marshals Offices $95 $200
Districts, County Associations, etc. $120 $200
Sustaining Members $170 $200
Individual Dues (Dept Paid or Individual) $30 $50



The Executive Board of SFFMA have worked long and hard on this dues structure and these new rates should carry the association long into the future.


If your department or members are using any of our membership benefit discount programs, the savings you get back from using some of our services more than pay for the difference in membership fees.


If your department feels that it will have a hard time with the dues difference, we offer these suggestions:

*Have a fundraiser to account for the difference

*Ask your membership if they would be willing to contribute a portion of the dues increase so they might continue to take advantage of our member benefits and our insurance coverage benefit

*Call us for ideas on how we might be able to help


Just a reminder, we have associate levels of membership allowing for people not affiliated with the fire service to take advantage of our member benefits.  Feel free to tell your friends or neighbors how they can support the fire service while taking advantage of membership benefits such as hotel savings, cellular phone plan savings, etc.  The savings from our programs more than pay for membership in just one month!