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NFPA 1001: Firefighter I & II Training Categories

The Certification Program offers full NFPA 1001: Firefighter I & II certifications upon completion of the required training objectives and passing of written and skills examinations. To be clear on this point, the training provided through the SFFMA program covers the same material as a TCFP full-time firefighter academy.

As of January 1, 2015 firefighter certifications require written and skill evaluations to verify an applicant’s proficiency and knowledge.

When the Austin office certification staff approves a Firefighter I or II application, they issue a letter stating that the individual must then challenge full Firefighter I or II written and skills exams.

To challenge the Firefighter II exams, the individual must complete all training and successfully challenge the Firefighter I exams.

1001: Live Fire Prerequisite, Firefighter I, & II Program PDF (Updated eff. January 2021)

Objectives by Category

01 - Orientation & Fire Service History Skill Sheets
02 - Forcible Entry Skill Sheets
03 - Fire Service Ladder Practices Skill Sheets
04 - Fire Hose Practices Skill Sheets
05 - Salvage & Overhaul Skill Sheets
06 - Fire Streams Skill Sheets
07 - Ventilation Practices Skill Sheets
08 - Rescue Operations Skill Sheets
09 - Fire & Life Safety Initiatives Skill Sheets
10 - Water Supplies Skill Sheets
11 - Fire Protection Systems Skill Sheets
12 - Fire Behavior (Fire Science) None
13 - Fire Department Communications Skill Sheets
14 - Fire Cause & Origin Skill Sheets
15 - Fire Control Skill Sheets
16 - Firefighter Safety & Health Skill Sheets
17 - Ground Cover Fire Fighting None
18 - Hazardous Materials (replaced with 1072: HazMat A/O) None
19 - Firefighter PPE & SCBA Skill Sheets
20 - Ropes Skill Sheets
21 - Portable Extinguishers Skill Sheets
22 - Building Construction None