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Firefighter Assistance

Volunteer Fire Department Tax Exemption — To qualify for tax exemption, a volunteer fire department must be a company, department or association organized to answer fire alarms and extinguish fires.  It may provide emergency medical services, and its members receive little or no compensation for their services.

Alcohol Addiction

Mesothelioma — discover the latest treatments/Learn to improve your prognosis/Get financial aid for medical expenses.

Mesothelioma group — step-by-step guidance, firefighter safety tips and support, Click Here

Mesothelioma — this site has information on the symptoms, causes and treatment options for families fighting asbestos-related cancers.  This group also offers a $4,000 scholarship to students who have been affected by cancer in any way. For more information Click Here

Mesothelioma Guide — is your trusted ally in the fight against asbestos-related cancer. Our comprehensive guide includes up-to-date information about living with mesothelioma, top doctors and treatment options. Click Here

Mesothelioma Center — We offer help and hope to families affected by mesothelioma. Click Here

Mesothelioma Veterans Center — United States Military veterans make up over 30% of all patients with malignant mesothelioma, caused by exposure to asbestos. Learn more about your benefits options with our VA accredited claims agents, all free of charge. Click Here

Lighthouse Uniform Company's Fallen Firefighter Dress Uniform Program. Click Here

Tobacco Free Life — information and tips on how to get started, make a plan and stay tobacco free, Click Here — the most comprehensive and accurate information for students pursuing online education in fire science and other public service fields - Click Here

"Bulletproof Spirit:  The First Responder's Essential Resource for Protecting and Healing Mind and Heart." This book describes over 40 proactive, emotional, survival and wellness strategies to protect, heal and nurture the spirit of those who serve. — has a great guide on how firefighters are affected by smoking and how they can quit. — raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps local communities stay drug-free.

American Society of Addiction Medicine — promotes drug abuse prevention and treatment. — did you know that medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States?

Adult Basic Life Support Algorithm for Healthcare Providers

RX Dangers — recent information and statistics on defective drugs and medical devices.