Executive Board & Staff

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson, President

Mike Richardson serves as the SFFMA president.
He also currently serving as the fire chief of Decatur Fire Department.

Tim Smith

Tim Smith, 1st Vice President 

Tim Smith serves as the SFFMA 1st vice president.
He is also currently serving as the fire chief of West Carlisle Fire/EMS.

Richard Van Winkle

Richard Van Winkle, 2nd Vice President   

Richard Van Winkle serves as the SFFMA 2nd vice president.
He is also currently serving as the fire chief of Alvarado FD.


Chuck Richardson, 3rd Vice President 

Chuck Richardson serves as the SFFMA 3rd vice president.
He is also currently serving as the fire chief of Wild Peach VFD.


Donny Boggs, 4th Vice President

Donny Boggs serves as the SFFMA 4th vice president. He is also currently serving as the training director and chief of the Recruit Fire Training Academies at Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service.


Brent Allen, Secretary

Brent Allen serves as the SFFMA secretary. He also serves as an assistant chief for the Ballinger Fire Department and a secretary of the Hill Country District.

Jim White

F. Jim White, Asst. Secretary

F. Jim White serves as the SFFMA assistant secretary. He is also
the fire chief for the Overton Fire Department, retired fire marshal and rescue chief.

Ben Kennedy

Ben Kennedy, Chaplain

Ben Kennedy is the SFFMA chaplain. He also serves as the regional coordinator for Region 5 of the Emergency Services Training Institute at TEEX.

Harvie Cheshire

Harvie Cheshire, Immediate Past President

Harvie Cheshire serves as the SFFMA immediate past president. He is also the training manager for the annual schools at the Emergency Services Training Institute at TEEX, the deputy chief and fire marshal of Madisonville VFD, and the Madison County fire marshal.

Rayford Gibson

Rayford Gibson, Board Appointed Parliamentarian

Rayford Gibson serves as the board appointed parliamentarian.
Gibson also serves at the fire chief of the Tatum Fire Department.
He has been a member at Tatum for 32  years. He is retired but still conducts classes as a part-time instructor with the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service.


Kylie Maples, Mascot

Kylie Maples serves as the Mascot. Kylie is currently a Junior in High
School and active with the F.F.A.. She has grown up and actively
supports the Alvin Volunteer Fire Department.
She has served as a past TFA Sweetheart.

Chris Barron

Chris Barron, Executive Director

Chris Barron serves as the executive director for the association where he is responsible for researching, negotiating and implementing membership benefits, forming strategic partnerships and alliances, and providing testimony in the state and national legislature. Barron also serves as the fire chief of Travis County ESD #5.

Board Photo

2017/2018 Executive Board

Front row (L to R): Mike Richardson, Tim Smith, Richard Van Winkle, Chuck Richardson, Donny Boggs
back row (L to R): Kylie Maples, Ben Kennedy, Chris Barron, Rayford Gibson, F. Jim White, Brent Allen, Harvie Cheshire


SFFMA has a dedicated staff working for you!

Chris Barron, Executive Director
Jon Barron, Special Projects
Julie Beauchamp, Sales Manager
Kevin Creamer, Certification Administrator/Industrial Coordinator
Luis Martinez, SFFMA International/Membership Administrator