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District Associations

Duties of the District

For district meetings, district organizations must provide a date, time, location (physical address), contact information (phone number), email, and any special instructions necessary for SFFMA to distribute the information to all members. Documents like agendas, flyers, etc., will be placed on the SFFMA district webpages.

  • Districts must submit an annual report for the Red Book.
  • Districts must submit a nominee from their area for Firefighter of the Year and for EMS Responder of the Year awards.
  • Districts are responsible for submitting three posters for each division of their district poster contest to enter into the Gary Tilton Memorial Fire Prevention Poster Contest at the annual SFFMA conference.

District Meetings

District choose how often to hold a meeting and how to contact every department in its area to ensure that all attendees receive necessary attendance information. Some choose to have two meetings per year, one in spring and another in fall; however, it is up to the discretion of the district to decide how often a meeting is necessary, or how it will choose to disperse the information it has. SFFMA can facilitate marketing/disbursement of information about the districts' upcoming meetings given at least a 30-day advance notice to

To ensure members all over the state can remain updated on their district business, after each district meeting we request that any updates including officers, upcoming events, important announcements, etc., be reported to SFFMA headquarters as quickly as possible. Updates can be submitted via email to, postal mail or fax. SFFMA staff will post any changes or updates to the district website.