Assets In Order

This online service is 256-bit encrypted, equal to security levels used by banks.

Includes 1 GB of storage of any important information your family might need in case of your passing. SFFMA members get a free 1-year Legacy Lockbox Heritage Membership!

Phone: 888.840.1213


BAKFlip Tonneau Covers

The BAKFlip® Tonnea Cover / truck bed cover is the newest generation of hard, folding, multi-panel tonneau cover! Enjoy all the security of a locking hard tonneau cover and have instant access to your entire truck bed!

SFFMA members receive $75 off of your purchase. Limited to one per customer.


    Best Buy

As a member of the Savvik Buying Group, Best Buy Business account will offer additional savings on items that you use everyday. Your purchases can be shipped direct to your location or picked up at any of our stores nationwide.
Follow these steps to create an account.
1. SAVVIK Member ID: 2249550
2. The Best Buy registration code: PROVISTA1 to set up your account.

Create an Account:
1. Visit
2. Click "Create Account" on the right side of the screen
3. Complete the form as directed
4. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page
5. Enjoy the website!

Once your account is set up, you will use the username and password your created to log in.



You can now buy all of your gear and work clothing items at national contract prices.  This new program has already been competitively bid and awarded to services, but is also available to all fire personnel in Texas through the SFFMA. Over 60,000 items can be shipped straight to you!

A Sample listing of just some of their products may be found here


Elite Financing Group, LLC (Real Estate Services)

This Texas-based lender goes above and beyond to meet your mortgage needs. They provide professional service and take care of all their clients. Let them be a part of your home loan process and see why people love doing business with Elite Financing Group!

  • Purchase of a home
  • Conventional Loan
  • FHA Loan
  • VA Loans
  • Refinancing
  • Down Payment Assistance

Contact: Jorge Aldrete

Phone: 512-699-5267

Fax: 512-532-0840

 Homes for Heroes
 Homes for Heroes/SFFMA Partnership & Home Benefit Program
This partnership is a statewide initiative between Homes for Heroes and the TX. SFFMA (State Firefighters' and Fire Marshals' Association)
The partnership provides to the SFFMA and its members….
1. Homes for Heroes “Hero Rewards” savings program for buying or selling a home:
  -  All SFFMA Users in need of buying and/or selling a home need to enroll at
  - Ensure the Homes for Heroes Provider is aware you are part of the SFFMA
  - For SFFMA Users buying a home:
                                         - Substantial savings on closing costs and receive money given to them after
                                         closing = $700.00 per $100,000 value of the home they are purchasing
-  For SFFMA Users Selling a Home:
                                         -Substantial savings on closing costs and receive a rebate at closing
                                         = $700.00 per $100,000 value of the home

ELIGIBLE USERS of the “Hero Rewards” home benefit program:
• All active members of the SFFMA
• All family members, friends or associates of SFFMA members who are: Police/Fire, Military/Veteran, Nurse/Teacher services (active or retired)
2. Homes for Heroes “Corporate Giving” program:
 - SFFMA Users buying and/or selling a home are tracked by enrolling through the dedicated weblink/URL landing page at
 For every 100 closings on a purchase or sale (not refi) of a home by SFFMA users, $1000.00 is donated to the SFFMA by Homes for Heroes
 A SFFMA user who sells and buys a home will count as 2 closings for donations

ENROLLING in the “Hero Rewards” home benefit program:
 - All Eligible users in need of buying or selling a home through this program need to enroll at
 - Scroll down to “Enroll now for your Hero Rewards” to begin the process
 - If users have a particular homes for heroes provider they want to use, they can choose them from the drop down menus during registration.
 - Users will be contacted within 24-48 hours by a Homes for Heroes provider
 - Only authorized Homes for Heroes provider affiliates can be used

Contact: Steve Blackwell


     Entertainment Discounts

Members can take advantage of many discounts available at Theme Parks, movies and Broadway Shows across America.

For more information, click here.


Lighthouse Uniform Company - Bereavement Uniform Program

Departments and individuals donate surplus Class A uniforms to Lighthouse Uniform Company, and they refurbish them to offer at NO COST to families and departments that want to honor their fallen in a traditional way. This collective effort helps us ensure that anyone who ever lived as a firefighter, gets to rest for an eternity as a firefighter. Learn more about this program here.

Contact: Steve Cohen

Phone: 800-426-5225



Low-priced legal advice and protection! LegalShield gives you the power to talk to an attorney about any personal legal issue. Whether it’s big, small or somewhere in between, your LegalShield provider law firm will be there to offer advice or assistance on a variety of issues. They offer advice, consultation and representation. Membership even includes attorney fees in trial defense services (see plan for details).

This is a monthly membership, $18.95/month for SFFMA members (and it covers your whole family). Legal Shield now offers additional member benefits and discounts.

Contact: Luis Martinez

Phone: 512.454.3473 Ext. 106


Dignity Memorial

SFFMA Bereavement Program offers savings on funeral/cremation products and services. Discount based on the arrangements made through a Dignity Memorial service provider in your area.



This is a free service that aims to reduce the cost of health care by providing important information vital to a patient’s health via specialized QR code system. If you know you have a special medical condition, take medication, or have food allergies, this free QR program could save your life! It can even store your emergency contact information. SFFMA members are encouraged to use the free basic service to create their own Medestat label. Medestat also has upgraded products that can be updated remotely.

    Staples - Business Advantage

 You can take advantage of our national contract price for your own personal use! There are thousands of high volume items discounted! You must register for online ordering.
Please fill in the form. 
1. You will receive an email confirmation in 3 - 5 days after they attach our contract price to your new account. 
2. After you received your confirmation login, be sure to change your shipping address if shipping home.
3. Begin shopping!

To get our discounts at Staples retails locations, register your credit card for personal purchasing. You must use the same credit card you register at the location to get the discount on site : Register your credit card.

    PBR Ammo

PBR Ammo is offering SFFMA members a 10% discount on all their ammunition.  The discount will be applied at checkout to on any order over $50. SFFMA members will need to email PBR a copy of their membership card or fire department ID. SFFMA members should email to receive the discount code.


Stream Energy/PowerUp! Program

Lower your energy costs by switching your provider to Stream Energy and you may receive discounts on your monthly bill! Check if Stream Energy is an energy provider in your area. Enroll in the PowerUp! Program and see how you can save big.

If you are already a Stream Energy customer, please contact our representative and let him know.

Contact: Ajax Daugherty

Phone: 214.766.7056


    Tactical Earpiece 

At Tactical Earpiece, we can provide transmitting/receiving accessory solutions for any range of communications equipment, from Kenwood to Motorola. We sell everything from Speaker Microphones, to Lapel Microphones, to Earpieces, to Combinations. We are dedicated to quality equipment for our First Responders. Members of the State Firefighter and Fire Marshall's Association will receive a 10% Discount on all products offered by Tactical Earpiece, as well as be able to purchase radio equipment not included on our web-based storefront via phone.

How to purchase:

For Web-based Storefront Purchases, simply use Coupon Code: "SFFMA10"

For Phone Purchases and Department Purchase Orders:

Abel Garcia III

Email: Abel.Garcia3@TacticalEarpiece.Com

Phone: 1.833.TACT.EAR (1.833.822.8327)