SFFMA members now receive 24% off monthly service charges for qualified plans as a member of the Savvik Buying Group.

For existing customers wishing to access the discount please follow the attached steps. Brand new customers who would like to order new service complete steps two and three then start shopping!
Employee FAN 06216688
1. Go to
2. Enter FAN# 06216688
3. Register for Discounts
4. Enter your work email address and cell phone number, click continue
5. Enter last 4 digits of SSN and billing zip code from your account for verification, click continue
6. Check the box "I am a qualified employee...", click continue

You'll see confirmation on screen plus you'll receive a confirmation email that you've been successfully enrolled for the discount.

     CU Wireless

Discounted Cell Phones & No Commitment Plans. Plans start as low as $9 per month, no activation fees, no commitment plans, free and low cost phones are both available.
Phone: 877.818.3656 


No contract, no hidden fees, just $49 a month for unlimited voice, text and data.

Add three people to your Solavei Network and earn $20 a month! Add nine people and your monthly bill is PAID IN FULL!

To receive discount information click HERE.



SFFMA members receive 15% off of select plans. Primary account holder must be SFFMA member. Everything Unlimited plan is not eligible for this discount.

To receive discount information click HERE.



Switch to T-Mobile and your family’s early termination fees will be covered when you trade in your devices—up to $650 per line. So you can experience fast, 4G LTE network with no annual service contract and no overage charges.

To receive discount information click HERE.