TRANSCAER® (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response) Training Tours will be hosting training sessions in Angleton, Texas. Training location will be 500 Ward Rd, Angleton, TX 77515. This tour is sponsored by The Dow Chemical Company who has teamed with Union Pacific, CTEH, DANA Transport, Firefighters Education and Training Foundation, and many other local supporting agencies. TRANSCAER® is dedicated to educating emergency responders and their communities and includes training cars from the Firefighters Education and Training Foundation.
The model-based training curriculum is designed to meet the needs of various stakeholder groups and is free to all participants. To better meet these needs, two training tracks have been developed and will be offered on each training date that include responding to TIH, air monitoring and hazards

April 18 - 20 - San Antonio
April 27 - 29 - Sugarland
May 10 - 12 - Nederland
May 16 - 18 - La Porte
May 25 - 26 - Angleton