SFFMA Online 3.1

Known Issues / Pending Upgrades

SFFMA Online 3.0 is a work in progress. We will continue to make improvements and additions to the program on an ongoing basis. In addition to a list of upcoming additions, the Certification Staff maintains a list of known glitches/problems. Please be sure to review the posted lists found HERE prior to reporting to certification@sffma.org.

Instructions for Coordinators

Download the User's Guide HERE.
We have a tutorial video on YouTube which you can see HERE.

Welcome to SFFMA Online 3.1

This program is the third offering of SFFMA Online provided to our membership. You will immediately notice that the program offers more than just firefighter training tracking. Additional certifications will appear as they are available.
The SFFMA Certification Board bases the curricula on the NFPA standards which undergo national review on five-year cycles. The SFFMA Program will update on a one-year delay from the national standard.
Documentation for each of the listed programs can be found on the Certification Page.

Notice to individuals:

Access to the SFFMA Online 3.1 program is initially restricted to departmental Certification Coordinators. As soon as we are able, we will provide access in a "view only" manner to allow individuals to track their progress through each of the programs in which they are enrolled.
3.1 is a significant increase in the program availability and we look forward to sharing this functionality with you as quickly as possible.

Kevin Creamer
Certification Administrator