Upcoming SFFMA Certification Workshops

Cert Workshop - Houston, TX4/5/2018Andy Dexter: email or 281.782.5231CW_180405B
Cert Workshop - Abilene, TX4/7/2018Clay Deatherage: email or 325.668.0808CW_180407
Cert Workshop - Winona, TX4/7/2018Patrick Dooley: email or 903.658.2906CW_180407C
Cert Workshop - Angleton, TX4/7/2018Gary Williams: email or 713.248.3688CW_180407B
Cert Workshop - Uvalde, TX4/21/2018Scott Garris: email or 830.480.0428CW_180421B
Cert Workshop - Wichita Falls5/5/2018Nate Mara: email or 940.389.4148CW_180505
Cert Workshop - Robinson, TX5/12/2018Brian Scheffer: email or 939.337.7314 CW_180512
Registration for workshops is suggested but not required.
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  • Default password is a combination of lower case first and last name initials and the last 4 digits of SSN

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