President’s Blog

Greetings my fellow SFFMA members,

 Hope this letter finds everyone well and preparing for the holidays. Our membership has been through a lot these past few months with the Hurricane Harvey response and the remediation efforts afterward. It has taken a significant toll on some of our departments, as well as individual members; however, many of you have stepped up and come through to help these departments and the individual members get back on their feet to help protect their communities. For that, we are eternally grateful and thankful for your efforts, but the work is yet to be completed. Please continue to help those departments in need, as well as the individuals impacted by this historical event.

As the New Year is fast approaching, so is the planning conference for the 2018 SFFMA State Convention and Training Conference in Arlington. Upon installment as president in San Marcos, I asked each of you to "Ask One, Bring One" to the next convention. I also asked that in order to revive our district attendance, we should adopt this same philosophy to rebuild our association from the bottom up. This would allow us to double the attendance and would also surpass the attendance the last time we met in Arlington.

Along with the "Ask One, Bring One" slogan, I am also asking each of you to "Show Up, Step Up," just like you did during the Hurricane response. Show up for the planning conference, and step up and help out wherever help is needed. This is what each and every one of you does best for your communities each and every day. 

So, in closing, let our mission be "Ask One, Bring One...Show Up, Step Up." 

It is with great honor and pride that I serve as your president.  I am eternally grateful that you have allowed me to serve the Greatest Association in the State of Texas and in my opinion, The World!


Harvie E. Cheshire

President 2018

SFFMA Executive Board