March 5, 2018


To All SFFMA District Secretaries,


The SFFMA Constitution and By-Laws Committee received Proposals from the Executive Board and from Mid-West Texas District at the January planning meeting in Arlington, Texas.


After some revisions and changes, these Proposals have been approved and will be placed on the next ballot for the voting delegates to consider.


Please review these Proposals with your district officers in order to best inform your member departments.  To assure success and move our annual convention along, it is imperative that we share this information and educate our members in the coming months at all our spring conventions.  We will have the Proposals posted to the SFFMA website as well.  This will help the voting process move much more smoothly.


Please contact the committee representative from your district, anyone on the Constitution & By-Laws Committee or any of the Executive Board Members if you should have any questions.


Respectfully submitted,


Dennis M. Gifford

Secretary - Constitution & By-laws Committee

Secretary - East Texas District

Executive Board Proposal 

Mid-West Texas District Proposal 
Mid-West Proposal FAQs