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West TX Explosion

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West TX Explosion

Postby admin on Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:44 am

We are deeply saddened for the tragic events in West, TX. At this time we have unofficial reports of 11 volunteer firefighters who are unaccounted for and are believed to have lost their lives due to the explosion. As we get more information, we will post it here.

West VFD is a long time member of SFFMA. Former Chief Alfred "Freddie" Gerik represented SFFMA on the TCFP Grants Committee for years and was selected as the Firefighter of The Year in 1993.

4/23 - TIFMAS units are in place providing coverage for the West VFD. At this time, no additional resources are needed. West VFD went through an assessment yesterday and we will post the needs of the department here soon. We appreciate the outpouring of support to the town of West and the West VFD!

4/21 - West VFD has lost a brush truck, engine and tender during the incident with most of the equipment that went on the vehicles and PPE. Departments interested in donating equipment/etc to West VFD can donate to the Texas Forest Service Helping Hands program at http://texasforestservice.tamu.edu/main ... px?id=9444

4/20 - West VFD Memorial Service has been scheduled for Thursday at 2pm in Waco, TX. Click Here

4/20 - West TX Explosion Names:
West VFD
Jimmy Matus
Morris Bridges
Cody Dragoo
Joseph Pustejovsky
Douglas Snokhous
Robert Snokhous

Dallas Fd
Lucky Harris

Abbott Fd
Cyrus Reed
Jerry Chapman

Merknel Fd & Navarro Mills FD
Perry Calvin

BrucevilleEddy Fd
Kevin Sanders

4/19 - People interested in donating to go toward helping the West VFD please click the DONATE button on the front page and indicate "WEST VFD Relief Fund" in your donation comments. 100% of your donation will go back to the West VFD. For General Donations just indicate "VFD Assistance". Your Donations are 100% tax deductible and goes to our 501c3 organization.

4/19 9:30am - We have received information from our representatives on site that West VFD has lost 3 vehicles (2 Engines and 1 Tender) in the explosion. At this time, Cleburne and Alavarado FD are manning the West VFD station and providing local emergency response services and will be relieved by Johnson County ESD and an engine from Latium-Wesley-Greenvine VFD this evening.

4/19 8am - We are now hearing that there is a total of 11 firefighters who died in the line of duty in the West, TX explosion. (4 of the firefighters were serving in an EMS capacity). Also, 11 firefighters in the hospital. Basically, the West VFD is without 2/3 or their members at this point. Some names are being released in the news media and the rest should be released today. Still unknown number of other casualties. Plans are being put in place for possible TIFMAS staffing assistance to the FD asap but orders have not been approved yet.

3:45pm - We have received revised/confirmed numbers. 5 West FD firefighter deaths, 1 Dallas FD death, 4 EMS Responders and 1 unknown. 11 of West VFD firefighters are in the hospital. Waco FD has stepped in to help respond to calls for the time being until a plan is in place. No additional resources are needed at this time.

10:40am - At this time no resources or needs are requested for the incident in West. State Fire Marshals' Office and the LODD Benefit Task force is on the scene. SFFMA sending two board representatives to the scene to assist the local department.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the West VFD and the community in West.
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