Delegate form

If you plan on being a voting delegate representing your department at the annual conference,
please fill out the form below and have your fire chief sign it. Filled and signed forms can be emailed
to Gabi Glass or faxed to 512.453.1876. 

Delegate form - pdf

ARTICLE VI - Delegates
Section 1. Each regularly organized fire department shall be entitled to five delegates at the Annual Training
Conference and Convention, provided that all sections to the by-laws have been complied with.
Section 2. All delegates must be current individual dues paying members, except Industrial members.
Industrial Members must be from a participating Industrial Organization to be delegates and each participating
Industrial Organization can have up to five voting delegates. No member delegate shall be allowed to be
represented by proxy.
Section 3. Lists of delegates from each member department or organization shall be furnished to the
secretary upon registration at the Annual Training Conference and Convention.
Section 4. Each regularly organized district, county, fire service organization and rescue association, and
Fire Marshals’ Office as recognized by the Executive Board shall be eligible for one delegate to the Annual Training
Conference and Convention upon payment of the proper annual dues to this Association.