Annual Conference Frequently Asked Questions

1. I would like to attend the exhibits only. Do I have to register?
No. You may walk inside the exhibit hall without a conference registration. (However, if you choose to stay
for more than just the exhibits, you will have to register.)

2. I would like to attend weekend functions. Do I have to register?
Yes, select weekend registration. 

3. I'm a member of SFFMA but can't remember my SFFMA ID # (login) and/or password. How can I register
Contact the SFFMA office at 512.454.3473 and any staff member can assist you with your
login and password. Please don't create a new account online as that will create a new record in our database. 

4. I have a junior firefighter who is interested in attending training. What registration should I choose?

Choose Junior Firefighter registration and make sure to record all the training attended.
The other youth registration will NOT allow attendee to participate in training. 

5. I would like to register online but don't have a FD credit card and would like to receive an invoice
Email with your registration selection. Please note that your FD will be invoiced immediately after such
registration is completed and registration payment is due prior to on-site registration pick-up on June 10, 2017.

6. What is the conference dress code?
Unless otherwise specified, it is casual. SFFMA would like you to consider the memorial service and the 
dinner & dance as special occasions. No shorts and/or flip-flops, please. 

7. How do I submit the name of a deceased person to be included in the memorial service program?
Email no later than May 15, 2017, with the following information: name, date of death, fire department.

Do you have other questions? Email Gabi or call 512.454.3473. Thank you.